Suomi Poikas Hockey Club

Join the team

If you're located in the southwest Washington state area, of Finnish descent, and interested in joining the team, please contact Joel Mattila. You can contact him on LinkedIn or Facebook. We won't put contact information here to avoid spam.

We have a limited amount of spots available, so we can't guarantee a spot on the team. Seasons are Fall, Spring, and sometimes Summer. Fall is the longest, then Spring, and Summer is the shortest and most casual. We play every Saturday night at Mountain View Ice Arena in Vancouver, Washington.

In addition to our Rec team (beginners), we also have a C/CC team for more advanced players.


For Rec League, you should know the basics of skating and handling a puck, the basics of team hockey play, the rules, and be able to commit to a weekly Saturday night game schedule.

You'll be expected to buy your own gear and pay the league fees, which range from $400-600 per season. You'll have to buy a jersey and socks (talk to Joel).

Ideally, you'll have gone through the rink's adult skating and hockey classes before joining the team.

Hockey isn't a cheap sport, but it's a lot of fun and there's great comradery. You'll probably spend a couple grand or more getting started, so just be aware of that.


Suomi Poikas players should conduct themselves with respect toward the ice arena, officials, teammates, opponents, and fans. We expect players to be good sportsmen and sportswomen. We also expect players and our fans to be good citizens and good representatives of the Finnish community.