Suomi Poikas Hockey Club

Jamon Holmgren

Jamon is the first and only full time goalie for the Poikas since the beginning. He is the father of Cedric Holmgren. He's been a top level goalie in Rec League for several years and also competes in C league.

Player Sheet

Position G
Number 51
Age 42
Height 6-4
Weight 250
Shoots R
Joined 2019
Years 6
Rec Seasons 11
C/CC Seasons 6
Championships 5 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆

Seasons Played with the Poikas

Season Rec League C/CC League
2019 Fall Rec League —
2020 Spring Rec League (covid shortened) —
2021 Spring Rec League —
2021 Summer Rec League 🏆 —
2021 Fall Rec League 🏆 C/CC League
2022 Spring Rec League 🏆 C/CC League
2022 Summer Rec League 🏆 (with Russia) —
2022 Fall Rec League (with Ukraine) C/CC League
2023 Spring Rec League C/CC League
2023 Fall Rec League 🏆 C/CC League
2024 Spring Rec League C/CC League

Sisu Cups Won

The "Sisu Cup" is awarded to the player who demonstrates the most sisu (pronounced – see’-soo) in a game. Sisu is a Finnish word that doesn't have a precise equivalent in English, but is similar to "guts" or "grit" or "perseverance".

Season Game Score Notable
2021 Summer Caps N Taps 4-0 (won) Playoff game. Dan got the little cup.
2021 Fall Caps N Taps 6-0 (won) Joel got two goals. 3-0 going into the third period.
2021 Fall Mother Russia 2-1 (won) Joel scored the shootout winner. Brad got little cup.
2022 Summer Caps N Taps 4-3 (won) Shootout win
2023 Spring Dead Guys 2-4 (lost) -
2023 Spring Pinecones 3-2 (won) -
2023 Fall Bandits 1-3 (lost) They had an empty-netter at the end.
2023 Fall Badgers 0-3 (lost) -
2023 Fall Thundersticks 0-2 (lost) -
2023 Fall Pinecones 1-0 (won) Jamon had a shutout.
2024 Spring Badgers 6-3 (won) Goals: Asa, Steve, Oren, Brad, Andrew, and Nolan. Assists: Kevin, Steve, Brad, l…