Suomi Poikas Hockey Club

Joel Mattila

Joel is the founder of the Suomi Poikas and team captain. He is the father of Brenden Mattila and an uncle to Brent Mattila. Joel started playing hockey in spring of 2019 after his son Brenden joined a team and quickly grew to love hockey.

Player Sheet

Position C
Number 77
Age 46
Height 6-0
Weight 200
Shoots R
Joined 2019
Years 6
Rec Seasons 11
C/CC Seasons 6
Championships 5 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆

Seasons Played with the Poikas

Season Rec League C/CC League
2019 Fall Rec League —
2020 Spring Rec League (covid shortened) —
2021 Spring Rec League —
2021 Summer Rec League 🏆 —
2021 Fall Rec League 🏆 C/CC League
2022 Spring Rec League 🏆 C/CC League
2022 Summer Rec League 🏆 (with Russia) —
2022 Fall Rec League (with Ukraine) C/CC League
2023 Spring Rec League C/CC League
2023 Fall Rec League 🏆 C/CC League
2024 Spring Rec League C/CC League

Sisu Cups Won

The "Sisu Cup" is awarded to the player who demonstrates the most sisu (pronounced – see’-soo) in a game. Sisu is a Finnish word that doesn't have a precise equivalent in English, but is similar to "guts" or "grit" or "perseverance".

Season Game Score Notable
2021 Spring Liquid Gold 2-1 (lost) -
2021 Spring Liquid Gold 1-2 (lost-ot) Championship: Lost 2-1 in OT. Outshot them 68-6.
2021 Summer Liquid Gold 14-0 (won) They only had six skaters. Joel got a hat trick. Brenden got two goals.
2021 Summer Liquid Gold 7-2 (won) Championship game. Konrad got the little cup.
2021 Fall Caps N Taps 8-0 (won) Playoffs semifinals. Joel had a hat trick.
2022 Summer Caps N Taps 1-4 (lost) -
2023 Fall Thundersticks 3-1 (won) Playoffs semifinals. Joel had two goals.
2024 Spring Slavic Peeps 4-3 (won) Konrad Stenersen 2g, Dan Warren 2g, Joel Mattila 3a. Goals included a scramble i…